3 reasons why Debating grows your sense of Leadership and Public Speaking

3 reasons why Debating grows your sense of Leadership and Public Speaking

Contrary to popular belief, debating is the art of constructive speaking. So you hear a lot asking for constructive criticism for their projects or their inventions but not taking your point by point analytical take down lightly? Then you probably have been doing it right. This term comes in association with stigmas of being the class nerd, weirdo or lonely. In reality, debaters are not only the most knowledgeable but also the fun kind of people to have around. Unlike the bunch of people drunk on opinion, these breed of misfits can defend their opinion and judge things on a fine line of rationality. While big words and a strong vocabulary suit the art, there are more reasons to join your nearest debate club, and we shall look into three of them:

1. UN is never the solution

Almost UN peacekeeping projects failed in the past. A common misconception is to think UN’s involvement in brokering peace is the ultimate stepping stone in time but the moment you join debating, and you get to see how big institutions, companies and industries fall flat because of flaws. Debate makes you realize how the tiniest flaw can create the most significant difference, be it solving the Syrian crisis, arguing for more pocket money with your dad, or losing that debate where you felt UN organizations are the way to go! This art makes you realize the importance of perfection and gradually drives you to achieve this. Helping you with simple assignments, PhD theses, to financial analysis, and even, sometimes, convincing your girlfriend that you need to sleep the day off!

2. The World inside your palm

Debating comes with weekend retreats. You will often find a championship every weekend. Moving aside the cut-throat competition, this is a good opportunity to meet new people and make friends almost every other week. This also means you get to travel to different cities and compete for the grand prize, but also meet new people wherever you go! There are Worlds Schools Debating Championships and one for the Universities which popularly goes by WUDC, where debaters all around the globe assemble under one roof to debate for the ultimate glory. The fun part is, if you are good, they pay your travel costs to let you come and adjudicate – how cool is that?

3. John Lennon was almost right

Maybe we won’t ever be able to fix this world, but hey an optimist can always hope! However, Lennon’s vision of dreamers working to make amends and restore peace through the power of music and rationality starts in the world of debating. Yes, you debate to bring change in the world, but nothing is ever fun without some dancing and tunes! Every fun debating event is draped with delicious food and some groovy tunes to shake them bones. Break nights are meant to be for everyone, but since everyone excludes debaters from parties, they decided to bring the house down wherever they go. Take it from a debater: The parties are the best! You can’t start a revolution with an empty stomach, and you can’t change the world if you are not united – why don’t you dance a little and be in tune?

Debate requires a lot of knowledge and a truckload of focus, but that never helps attract people to the yard! It is only the worldly motivation that gets people going; the urge to learn and improve follows quite nicely. So, get yourself registered to your local debate club and get to see the actual world of cool!

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