Have you ever been in the audience when an effective and talented public speaker is giving a presentation? Or have you ever wondered how some public speakers became super successful and you begin to ask yourself “how did he do that”? He does that by developing some habits and worked really hard on them. Your success as a public speaker is based on habit than any other factor.

A habit is a way of feeling, behaving or thinking by practicing and it tends to happen unconsciously. Possessing some habits as a public speaker can keep an audience’s attention for a long period of time. You can always speak effectively and also deliver effective presentation by developing the habits of a good and effective public speaker.


You can get better as a public speaker by observing the habits of successful speakers and developing the habits in you.

Clear purpose for your presentation

You should develop the habit of starting your presentation with the end in mind. One of the reasons why you speak or make a presentation is to get your audience moved. So you should always ask yourself some questions such as:

  • What do I want my audience to think after am done speaking?
  • How do I want my audience to feel after the presentation?
  • What do I want them to do after the presentation?
  • What is my presentation destination?

After answering this questions, keep the purpose in mind when preparing and speaking to your audience.


Always prepare early and often

Let your preparation start from the moment you know you are going to present or speak to an audience. As the popular saying “the earlier, the better” Preparing early will give you the opportunity to design your presentation well and also rehearse or practice your presentation well.

One thing leads to the other. If you prepare early and often, you will be able to research well on the subject matter and this will give you the chance to tackle many of the questions that are or will be put to you by the audience.

Learn to pause

You cannot catch the attention of everyone by speaking rapidly, louder and constantly without stopping. You can only catch the attention of your audience by saying something touching and then you keep quiet for few seconds and allow them to think on your words. As a public speaker, you have to make silence your friend. The more you pause the most confident you appear to your audience and the more touching and effective your presentation will be.


Give respect to time

Exceeding the time given to you can spoil your reputation as a public speaker. When you respect the time given to you then you are automatically respecting the attention and time of your audience. So always have it in mind to end early as this always gives you the opportunity to answer your audience’s questions and still finish your presentation within the time frame given you.

To be a successful speaker you have to improve on the above habits and this is done by working hard. Always remember “nothing comes easy”.             

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