As a good public speaker, the way you open your speech during a presentation matters. It is the first step to starting your presentation and it can either make or break you. When starting your presentation you can imagine yourself at a mission control so that you can count down from 10-1,  and then you start speaking. It is similar to when a space shuttle takes off, the first few minutes of takeoff are critical. Just like the space shuttle, if you make errors at the beginning of your speech, your presentation can crash.

When opening your speech during a presentation, your mission should be to establish a rapport with yourself and your audience.  Introduce your topic, and grab the interest of your audience. Here are some techniques you can use in opening your speech as a good public speaker during a presentation.

Engage the audience

You can engage your audience at the beginning of your presentation by asking a question that will require your audience to answer. You can also ask questions that will make them laugh. By doing this, you are preparing their mind for the presentation ahead. In fact, they will be willing to listen to you with full concentration. There are many funny questions you can ask, so you need to know which one fits your presentation.

Refer to a previous speaker    

When starting your speech, you can pick up on what a former speaker did or said. You can develop it and also build on it to give you more credibility. Your audience will have it in mind that you are also ready to learn from them. Therefore they will also be eager to listen to you.


Compliment the audience

How will you feel when you are complimented by someone? You will feel good and happy I guess? When opening your speech, you can compliment your audience by saying something that impresses you about them. However, don’t make mistakes of saying something like “you are the most amazing audience I have ever seen” because you need to sound sincere and that is what your audience expects from you.

Use quotations             

You can open your speech or presentation with a quote and by so doing; you are tapping into the power and credibility of the person who stated them. Make sure you quote from people well known and people that are liked or loved by your audience. With this, catching their attention will be very much easy.

Open with a story

Almost everyone loves funny or touching stories. They will always want to have more. You can start your story with a word like “Imagine”. It is an engaging word that will catch the attention of your audience and make them hungry to listen to your presentation.

Furthermore, you should be very careful with some statements when starting or opening a speech or presentation. Statements such as:

  • “My topic is…”
  • “I am sorry…”

Pick your words carefully at the beginning of a speech, and have a good and fruitful presentation or speech.

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