Are you a speaker who has always wished to be a more powerful presenter? Have you ever thought of becoming a speaker who delivers a powerful, efficient, and effective speech? One of the things that can make your presentation more powerful is the use of “the pause” during the presentation. To you as a public speaker, there are lots of secrets in pausing when you are giving a presentation. Pausing more dramatically and more often will make your presentation unique and you will stand out among other public speakers.

Pausing while presenting can sometimes be difficult, but always remember the things that are most difficult to do will be the things that separate the masters from the masses. One of the most challenging presentation skills is to stop talking and say nothing. If you are a good speaker, who can talk a lot and loves to talk, the thought of pausing might be painful and threatening.

Personal growth and presentation skills are related. They both require incredible self-confidence and self-discipline. As a public speaker, you need to tolerate the discomfort of uncertainty and ask yourself some questions. You need to learn how to pause during presentations and to do this; you must become comfortable with both uncertainty and silence.

During a presentation, the right words may be effective and powerful, but a rightly timed silence can be more effective. For you to be known as an effective public speaker, you should be a speaker who makes less noise and carefully crafts pauses between thoughtful words.

The secrets

As a speaker, all you want your audiences to do when you are speaking or giving a speech is to listen better. If you want your audience to listen well and pay attention when you are presenting, you need to pause more often and most importantly in the right places. You can pause before making an important statement because it will help you build anticipation. Also, you can pause after making an important statement because it allows your audience to digest the important point you have made or said.

As a speaker, you must know that when you are presenting, your audience can only do two things, think and listen but they cannot do both at once. So if you want them to think and ruminate about your speech, it will be great if you pause for a while.

If you learn to pause more, it will help you convey confidence in front of your audience. When you talk without stopping or pausing, it will look like you don’t want to be challenged by your audience. Therefore you will appear nervous. You can pause before you start your presentation as it helps you demonstrate self-confidence and real control.

While you are presenting or when you are about to perform or speak, you should have something in the back of your mind  “Talk less, pause dramatically,” and deliver a compelling presentation.

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