Caring about your presentation skills should be one of your top priorities as a public speaker. This is because performance flaws and poor presentation skills can cost you money and reputation. Even though there are no perfect presenters and no perfect presentations, you can become a better presenter if you are willing to become one. Before your presentation can become effective, you must have an excellent presentation skills in your toolbox. To avoid performance flaws, it is very important you improve your presentation skills by understanding basic principles and putting the techniques to practice and getting constructive feedback from a skilled coach.

Some presenters are bad and just don’t know it, some are bad and don’t care while some are concerned and taking steps to improve. Have you ever asked yourself what type of presenter you want to be? If you want to turn your presentation around from a painful to sit through a presentation into a delightful one, there are some flaws you should avoid while giving your speech or making your presentation.


Clumsy beginning

The first impression you make during a presentation goes a long way. To avoid a clumsy beginning, you should have prepared well. As a presenter, you should have a well prepare opening line with no errors this include grammatical errors. You should also make sure all the equipment you are going to use for the presentation is in good condition. Have you ever though of how embarrassing it will be if you are struggling with a projector or microphone at the start of your presentation? It can cause your audience to see you as an unserious presenter who doesn’t know what he or she is doing.

Neglecting eye contact

Eye contact is very important during a presentation. It helps you build your confidence and connect with your audience. You will gain the full concentration your audiences when you look at them straight in the eye. Most people believe they can only listen to you and believe whatever you are saying or you want them to know if their eyes conect with yours. Never neglect eye contact with your audiences because if you do, it shows you don’t have confidence in what you are saying.

Using improper language      

The word that comes out of your mouth depicts a lot about you, how you see your audience and your values. Words like “you guys” and “holy shit” should be avoided. Even if you shared a beer with your audience, you should respect them while presenting or giving your speech.

Reading the slides     

It is terrible to read your slide word for word. It’ means you are saying your audience is foolish and can’t read the slides themselves. It is an indirect way of insulting and been rude to them. It is also important that your slide enhance rather than annoy your audience.                            

You can improve your odds of becoming an effective speaker if you can work on avoiding the presentation flaws mentioned.

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