Do you want to know what happens when you keep your speech or presentation interesting when addressing or talking to an audience? Keeping your speech more interesting during a presentation has a lot of advantages:

  • It encourages your audience to pay more attention to your speech or presentation,
  • It propels your audiences and listeners to act on your call, and
  • It also encourages your audience and listeners to ruminate and think about the speech you gave.

If the three advantages mentioned above are in play, you can be 100% sure that you had a superb and entertaining presentation. After this, then the question comes in, how can you make your presentation more interesting?

You must first understand that giving an impressive presentation is not something that should be done once, but it is something that should be introduced into every aspect of your performance every time you climb on the stage to give a speech or presentation as a public speaker. It is just like adding spice to your food when cooking to make it more inviting and delicious.

Cooking a delightful and delicious meal is more or less like delivering a compelling presentation. You want to touch the heart of your audiences and also stimulate their mind so you must learn to give them that impressive performance they are expecting. Now, the question is, how can you make your presentation interesting?

Make your presence known

Making your presence well known to your audience is one of the factors that make your presentation attractive. You must put your soul, mind, and body to the presentation so that your audience or listeners can feel your presence and that you are in the room or hall with them. Let them see that you want to be with them and that you care for their best interest. You can make your presence known by making your presentation conversational and not a lecture. Nowadays no one will want to sit down and listen to a boring lecture; they want you to converse with them.


Allow them to ask questions because each question asked is a function of the worries or concerns of each audience, so by providing answers to their questions, you are addressing their concerns while also tackling following questions. To make it more interesting, you can also ask your audience questions and then allow them to answer. They will feel alive and elated if you respect and agree with their opinions especially if it is different from yours.

Add some humor

Do people like sitting down for hours without laughing or smiling? No, they want you to make them laugh, do something funny or act funny. They want you to bring life into your presentation. So adding a good sense of humor to your presentation will make it more interesting and pleasing to the hearing.

Make eye contact

Making eye contact with your audience will encourage your audience to remain attentive during your presentation. Look at your audience in the eye and try connecting with them. Don’t forget that you are not talking to trees but human beings with different worries. Try talking to your audience one at a time.

Give your audience that impressive presentation and save your reputation as an efficient and exceptional public speaker.

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