As a public speaker or presenter, you must look sound and powerful so you can deliver that unbelievable presentation. A successful and exceptional public speaker with a winning mind can capture the attention of audiences, radiate credibility, and have an assurance of delivering more effective presentations. Speaking powerfully in public can be a talent that can bring changes to the bearing of your career. As a public speaker, some pillars can help you achieve the success you need during a presentation. These pillars can transform you into an exceptional presenter or public speaker.

The pillars

Conveying power to your audience

This is one of the pillars that can make you gain ground while presenting. You can convey power to your audience through the confident you appear to protrude. How you stand, feel, sound and look will determine your protruding power, so even when you don’t feel good make sure you stand and look good. Sometimes you might see most public speakers looking more confident than they feel. Believe me, when you are speaking to an audience the only thing that matters are your audience. When they see the confidence in you, then the power in their looks increases.

Sound powerful

If you are looking for another component to power and believably during your presentation, it’s your voice. When you are confident when speaking, then you have the assurance of sounding confident and powerful. During a presentation learn you should learn to say less, and then speak deeper and slower. When you speak in a slow way, it shows you are not afraid of any disturbance, and you are giving the opportunity for the audience to digest and understand what you are saying. In fact speaking in a slow way makes the tone of your voice incredible therefore allowing your audience to pay more attention. That slow talk will pour out power. The slow movement of an elephant sounds more powerful compared to the skittering of a mouse.

Put words of power to use

When presenting, try using words that carry power with them. Use words that are short, simple, and clear because they carry more power than longer words. Examples of short powerful words are kill, go, love, hate and many others. You can use these words instead of using long words like exterminating, departure, infatuation, ill feelings, and many others. Also, try using short powerful phrases. Words of action bring power, have that in mind.

Put on the look of a confident presenter

Wondering about what the look of a confident presenter is? Smile… that is the look of a confident public speaker! It helps in building your audience’s trust in you. When you smile, it will show confidence that you know what you are saying and people will stand to believe you. Have it in mind; people will always like to deal with you when you convey confidence, trust, and warmth.

The purpose of your presentation is to make things happen and receive a Bravo. So when you speak, do it in a powerful way and make things happen.

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